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Evaluation Methodology

AQCJ consider following parameters for calculation Impact factor (AQCJ)


arrow Citation : The impact factor for a journal is calculated based on a three-year period, and can be considered to be the average number of times published papers are cited up to two years after publication.


arrow Originality : AQCJ checks random selects published article’s originality and quality.  Only citation is not perfect way of Impact factor calculation.


arrow Time publication : Periodicity of publication should be uniform. If it is not uniform, the quality of particular publication cannot impressible.


arrow Geographical coverage : Only particular small area based publication cannot get good marks as it is not covering all around world research.


arrow Editorial Quality : Editor Board of particular Journal gives the direction to any Journal. So it must be good and considerable for evaluation.



Merits of Impact factor


areow In market research, Impact Factor provides quantitative evidence for editors and publishers for positioning their journals in relation to the competition—especially others in the same subject category.


areow It provides quantitative tools for ranking, evaluating, categorizing and comparing journals.


areow It eliminates some of the bias of such counts which favour large journals over small ones or frequently issued journals over less frequently issued ones and of older journals over newer ones. Particularly in the latter case such journals have a larger citable body of literature than smaller or younger journals.


areow It may also serve to advertisers interested in evaluating the potential of a specific journal.


areow The Impact Factor is being used to provide a gross approximation of the prestige of journals in which individuals have been published.